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15-17 Ely Street, Wangaratta, Victoria, 3677

Wang Central

Wang Central Facilities

Wang Central has a broad range of facilities, including both those that assist productivity and reduce costs, and those that assist comfort and convenience!


Coffee Machine

Our DeLonghi Coffee MachineOur occupants are delighted to have access to a DeLonghi coffee machine. This machine grinds the beans and makes the coffee just the way you like it. It is a very popular feature!

Our tenants can enjoy everything from a short black to a cappuccino whenever they need it.









Meeting Rooms

Wang Central has two state of the art, flexible meeting rooms. They feature a removable wall allowing them to be combined into one large room, plus have internet access, electronic whiteboard, access to a data projector and more.

All tenants get an allocation of free use of these rooms each month. They are also available for use by anyone. See the booking enquiry form.

One of our meeting rooms

Kitchen Facilities

Our well equipped kitchen includes a large refrigerator, microwave oven, dual hot plates, dishwasher, kettle/urn, chilled filtered water and full catering facilities - and of course our very popular coffee machine!

The Wang Central staff kitchen

High Speed Broadband

High Speed Broadband availableAll our tenants have access to our high speed internet connection with unlimited downloads. Just plug in your computer and you are online!

Of course if you wish, you also have the choice of using your own dedicated service.

All users of our meeting rooms can also access our complimentary high speed wireless broadband service.

Networked Photocopier/Printer/Scanner

Our Konica Minolta networked photocopier/printer/scannerOur shared office space includes a Konica-Minolta colour photocopier/printer/scanner that allows you to print and photocopy at a much lower cost than available anywhere else. Print directly from your PC in your office! With scanning software installed on your PC, you can also use this machine as a free high resolution scanner.









Our Deck

Everyone just loves our deck! From the moment you see it you will know why. Available for meeting breakouts, lunch meetings or just to take a short break from your work, the deck is a key reason why all tenants and visitors love Wang Central.

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