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15-17 Ely Street, Wangaratta, Victoria, 3677

Wang Central Meeting Rooms

Wang Central Meeting Rooms

Wang Central contains two modern meeting rooms, suitable for a wide variety of uses. With a removable, sound-proof wall between them, they can be opened up into one large room suitable for 50+ people, ideal for conferences or functions.

There is a choice of rooms available, including the Aurora Room - most commonly used for board meetings - and the Coromandel Room - usually set up for conferences, training sessions and the like.

The two rooms can also be opened up into one large combined room to suit any type of function.

If you require catering for your function, we can recommend one for you from various local caterers, or you can also arrange your own - your choice.

Each room also has various options available to make your function even better!

Boardroom setup